About aspect.

Founded in 2001, aspect partners is an independent and internationally acting industry advisory firm that maintains exceptional client focus both during and following a client project, leading to a true advisory relationship for corporate development & transformation, corporate transactions, M&A, structured finance, as well as alternative investments advisory services.

aspect’s success results from its ability to execute complex transactions and transformation projects that create long-term company value.

Since inception in 2001, aspect has executed more than 80 advisory projects and offers a specific range of advisory services, including:

  • Corporate development, strategy, transformation & execution
  • Public and private mergers and acquisitions
  • Private placements
  • Divestitures and exclusive sales, corporate spin offs
  • Restructurings and recapitalizations


Analysis of Value Driving Factors

It is our key objective to identify essential value drivers and USPs of a company at an early stage. Before a deeper evaluation of company financials it is our objective to achieve a deep understanding of the entire business model by analyzing the complete internal value chain of a company, e.g. product development, production, market position competitive barriers, marketing, distribution. We also evaluate essential business processes like forecasting, QA, controlling, customer support, supply chain, etc. This analysis is typically during a management review workshop we always conduct as a project kick-off.

Identification of Hidden Values

Due to our consistent market orientation we always try to identify competitive strengths and hidden valuable assets of a company, which may play an important role in the later stage of the m&a process, e.g. for valuation purposes. Same applies for possible weaknesses, which also have to be identified at an early stage, either to enable the seller to adjust it before the process starts or to give a potential buyer a clear risk profile.

Value-based M & A Process

In the context of a sales mandate we aspire to transact the placement of a company within an (international) bidding process to optimize shareholder value. Nevertheless the possibilities will always depend on the actual economic situation of the company and the actual market environment.


Value Proposition - Value is a question of aspect

Analysis of Value Driving Factors / Identification of Hidden Values

It is aspect partners’ key objective to identify essential value drivers and USPs of an enterprise at an early stage. Therefore our partners are keen to achieve a deep understanding of the entire business model by analyzing the complete internal value chain of a company, e.g. product development, production, market position competitive barriers, marketing, distribution and essential business processes.
Due to aspect’s consistent market orientation our advisors always try to identify competitive strengths and hidden valuable assets of an enterprise, which will play an important role in the later stage of strategy execution, mergers and acquisitions and for valuation purposes.

People & Networks

Executive Background

Based on a partnership of former senior industry executives of internationally known companies, aspect partners combines operational and strategic know-how with the expertise of international business and financial transactions. aspect’s senior advisors play an active role in guiding clients through transformation processes and bring their industry knowledge and experience to bear to achieve management’s objectives and benefit shareholders.


With its deep network in the segment of family offices, private banks, private equity investors, but also in the traditional industry community and its partnerships in major international marketplaces aspect delivers an outstanding service to its clients. aspect partners’ average industry experience is 15+ years.

International reach

aspect successfully executes complex transactions in domestic markets as well as cross-border, by maximizing clients expectations and providing long-term shareholder value. aspect has an international experienced transaction team and is represented by its representatives and/or strategic partnerships with local leading m & a firms in the top regions of the world:

Cologne / Bonn | Lisbon / Porto | Athens | Stockholm | Tel Aviv

San Francisco | San Diego | New York | Boston | Chicago

Beijing | Mumbai | New Delhi | Pune | Singapore | Jakarta


Our industry focus

aspect partners provide a unique business and transaction oriented advise to the leaders of the European industry and assist them in transforming their business in a constantly changing business environment and rapidly evolving business sectors.

Achieving leadership in these sectors requires independent perspectives, superior strategic thinking and a profound experience in realistic planning and excellence in execution. In order do achieve such excellence in advisory services aspect partners provide a deep industry expertize to its clients for the following industries:

  • Diagnostic, Life sciences
  • Health care systems, Digital health
  • Software & IT services, Digital media, Mobile
  • Retail, Logistics, eCommerce
  • Utilities, Renewable industries

Our clients

Private midcap corporations

Our typical midcap corporate clients are mainly privately owned. We advise our clients in special situations, i. e. growth financing, acquisition financing, project financing and restructuring. Our focus for such clients is on special advisory for succession situations and exits.

International corporate clients

We advise corporate clients in special situations projects such as restructuring, corporate spin-offs or corporate divestitures. Our focus for such clients is on projects for new markets- and business development along with all requirements in respect to products and services, operational development and financial modeling. Hereby we do not only develop strategies, but provide active support, even interim management, for implementation and operational ramp up.

Financial Investors

Over the past ten years aspect provides a proven track record in advisory services for VCs, Private Equity firms and other kinds of investors. We offer a full range of transaction oriented services, including business and management audits, management advisory for portfolio companies, commercial due diligence and full service m&a. We also support our clients in a structured execution of planning, evaluating and executing an exit processes, this may even include that we would take over management responsibility for a limited period of time.

Wealth management and family offices

Due to our history as asset managers in a large family office and our long – time experience of working with private companies and their owners we are a discrete and reliable partner for family offices and wealth management departments of private banks.


Corporate clients

Institutional Clients

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